Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Pick up Niggers

The History of America, slavery and the disparities social  created between the Black and white classes as  a normal consequence, necessarily, the unemployment submerging the Black class, and the gap in income between black and white, those conditions created an practice in America, that is may be classified as a ritual specific to the American society, and as a way to get over the racial tension in the society, it is the- facto a part of the American culture created by some constraints, mostly slavery reparation:

Since the  1920, white women would drive into black ghetto area and pick up unemployed Niggers for some greater sexual gratification. 
As the society evolved, this practice been expanding and forming a part of American Culture, just like watching football, the extension of this practice reached  the point of ; white men driving into ghetto areas, in search for some BBC to suck. 

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